Featured: Be Smart and Buy Art this Holiday Season


On a recent trip to Paris I returned to the Louvre after an absence of over 15 years.  There had been some changes since my last visit.  The crowds were just as big and the excitement was palpable as we wound around the stanchions towards the door.  Once inside I was a little put off by the presence of an American fast food giant, but, I made my way past the lobby to the exhibit halls and slowly made my way along the corridors stopping now and again to pay extra attention to a painting or statue that held my attention.

High on my list of priorities was paying a visit to La Joconde, or the Mona Lisa as the painting is more commonly known.  It was there that I noticed one of the first changes.  Instead of being roped off in a familiar spot along a corridor, the lady now occupied her own salon and the throng of tourists jockeying to get a photo of or “selfie” with the painting was even bigger than when I first saw her more than a decade ago.

How long have we held the attention of others with our art?  It’s said that Leonardo da Vinci started work on the portrait in 1503 and finished three years later.  The Mona Lisa was acquired and hung in the Louvre in 1797 and is considered the most widely known and talked about painting in the world.

Art is generally considered to be a good investment.  Nothing stirs the imagine like hearing about the discovery of a masterpiece that’s been hanging in grandma’s house for decades.  Or the appraisal of a seemingly ordinary piece found at a garage sale that turns out to be one-off worth hundreds of thousands of dollars today.

Artwork may not be the first thing you think of when you compile your holiday shopping list, but when you consider the great deals you can get when you shop the Groupon site for art you might think again.  High quality giclee prints that are professionally matted and framed might be just the thing for the art snob on your list, and they’ll never know you paid up to 60% off for it and other top quality pieces.  And with prices ranging from less than $10 for Instagram prints to prints of artworks by Edward Degas costing hundreds of dollars, there’s something for every budget.


Three Business-Building Techniques That Can Make Your Company More Profitable

Business owners who want to optimize their conversion rates should know that thinking and acting strategically can help them realize the goal of attaining an exceptional bottom line. While there are several strategies you can utilize to make your company more profitable, you may find the following techniques particularly beneficial:

1. Invest In Digital Marketing Services.

One great way to start working towards a bigger bottom line is by investing in digital marketing services. This technique will empower you to advertise your business in the online realm. Once this happens, you’ll be able to interface with prospective clients in an organic, immediate way that can accelerate conversion. The internet sphere is also another wonderful domain through which to meet prospective business partners. Companies like Working Media Group are pleased to offer diverse digital marketing services, including:

• web design and development
• online reputation management
• link building
• content marketing
• keyword analysis
• target market research

When you start looking for the ideal digital media buyer or online advertising firm, make sure that the company you select has a proven track record of getting results.

2. Emphasize Employee Development.

In addition to investing in digital marketing services, be sure that you emphasize employee development. Doing so will empower you to have the most effective staff working for your company. There are several ways that you can optimize the employee development process. One method you might try is providing staff members with the opportunity to engage in ongoing educational courses which teach them new methodologies so that they can complete work-related tasks with greater excellence and expedience.

3. Update Your Equipment.

One final strategy you might employ to make your company more profitable is updating your equipment. This technique will empower you to increase the likelihood that daily operations run smoothly. Updating your equipment can also optimize the office aesthetic while decreasing the likelihood of a work-related accident. When you look for a retailer for your commercial products, make sure that you select a company that has extensive industry experience and a good reputation. You can generally check the company’s reputation by visiting www.bbb.org and determining what type of rating they’ve received from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Don’t Delay: Start Optimizing Conversion Today!

If you’re ready to put your business on the path to optimized conversion, it’s time to implement strategies that will facilitate the desired outcome. Three strategies that might prove effective for you include investing in digital marketing services, emphasizing employee development, and updating your equipment.…

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